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The Carlile family came in for a  Grandparents/Granddaughters portrait session.    Here are a few of our favorites… Aren’t they a sweet couple?!

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Several years ago, Justine photographed the gorgeous wedding of Leslie Kirsch and Peter Shields.  Last week I got to meet and photograph their second baby, Alexi, who is only about 2 months old.   She’ll be in for another session when she can sit up, at about 7 months, along with her big brother Adin.

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Here are some portraits of the Frederick family.  We spent a beautiful afternoon in a Georgetown park which I won’t name (as you’re not supposed to work there as a professional–a cruel and silly  restriction, in my opinion!).  These precious girls were enormous fun to play with, and I love their mother’s choice of the navy blue dresses.  […]

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